The LSX Ultra offers the premium fit of the LSX Series, plus extra top of the line features, including remote Keyless Entry and an extra bright interior LED light.


✓ Fabric Headliner
✓ Patented palm Handle
✓ Trimless Edge
✓ Scissor Hinge for Improved fit
✓ Lift Assist
✓ Low Profile Composite Clamp
✓ Weather-Resistant Seal
✓ Axalta Automotive Paint
✓ Weighs 90 to 120 lbs
✓ Remote Keyless Entry
✓ Hardware Shroud with 12-Volt Light


◦ LED Prop Light (battery)
◦ Sport Wing
◦ Sport Wing with Brake Light
◦ Black Palm Handle
◦ 12-Volt Power Strip
◦ Interior Cloths Rod
◦ Overland Option