Cargo Manager®

Put Cargo in its Place

Cargo Manager®, an optional companion product for Roll-N-Lock® tonneau covers, is a movable truck bed divider that can be positioned every 3" along the length of the bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo. Controlled from the driver's side, Cargo Manager is repositioned by simply squeezing the control levers. Cargo Manager's spring-activated mechanism then automatically pins the divider to each side track in the next nearest slot. When combined with a Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.

The RNL Difference

Cargo Manager® features the superior build-quality characteristic of all Roll-N-Lock products, but its one-of-a-kind functionality truly sets it apart from other truck bed dividers:

  • • Spring-loaded control levers allow truck owners to fine tune divider positioning for custom loads.
  • • Lateral tie-offs and bungees can be used to easily secure objects of all shapes and sizes.
  • • A flip-up feature lets ladders or lumber be easily loaded under the divider.
  • • At only 11 pounds, Cargo Manager can be quickly removed for loading larger items.

Product Features

Easy Positioning Feature Cargo Manager's spring-loaded control levers, located on the driver's side of the divider, enable the divider to be conveniently positioned every 3" along the bed length, without the necessity of walking to both sides of the truck.

Lateral Tie-Offs Laterally-adjustable tie-offs and two bungee cords permit easy securing of any size object, from tool boxes to grocery bags.

Flip-Up Feature Cargo Manager quickly pivots up and out of the way for most loading chores. Its flip-up feature allows the divider to rotate 90 degrees, holding it parallel to, and 12" above the bed floor. This is accomplished by simply depressing stops located at the ends of each track, rolling the divider back to allow the rear wheels to exit the tracks, rotating the divider 90 degrees and hanging it on the hooks provided. Long objects, such as ladders or lumber, may then be easily loaded under the divider.

Easy Removal Weighing only 11 pounds, Cargo Manager can be easily and quickly removed for loading larger items, like appliances, which cannot slide underneath. It's convenient, easy, and versatile!