BakFlip VP

The BakFlip VP is the newest hard folding tonneau cover to the BakFlip family. While the BakFlip VP has a more modest price-point than its siblings, don't be fooled by what this incredible tonneau cover brings to the fore.
The BakFlip VP is actually an all aluminum tonneau cover (both top and bottom surfaces), but covering the top aluminum surface, is an incredibly rugged DURABAK vinyl. The combination of a the vinyl covered aluminum makes this tonneau cover the strongest, most impact resistant folding tonneau cover on the market. You won't scuff or ding the BakFlip VP, and can really put it through the ringer and expect it to come out looking great on the other side.
In addition to the super robust nature of the BakFlip VP top surface, one thing that will jump out at you is the fact that this folding truck bed cover has no visible hinges at all. In fact, the BakFlip VP sports a super clean, homogenous, one piece look and feel to it that is really first class.
The VP is amazingly aerodynamic and without question, the most water-tight folding tonneau cover in the industry too. The BakFlip VP performs outstandingly well when it comes to snow, rain, ice and hail. It does equally as well in hot climates too. The Vinyl cover on the BakFlip VP also ensures that the tonneau cover remains cooler to the touch than aluminum and even fiberglass.
The BakFlip VP also offers full access to the truck bed. It operates easily from either side of the truck and is actually a little lighter than all other BakFlips, because it sheds the weight of the necessary aluminum framing on the rest of the BakFlip family.
The BakFlip VP has an excellent price point and is a fantastic tonneau cover on all levels. It also works with accessories like the BAKBOX, the BAKFLIP CS Rack system, as well as tie downs, bed rails, bed liners, bed extenders and most any other stake pocket mounted accessory.
The BakFlip VP is made in the USA and uses components only sourced and supplied in the USA. It is the most current folding tonneau cover to hit the market and makes use of 25 years of experience in building better tonneau covers.
If you're in the market for a soft tonneau cover to allow full access to your truck bed, but want the advantage of a rugged, secure, strong tonneau cover, the the BakFlip VP is the ultimate tonneau cover for you.


✓ Access to stake pockets
✓ Flush Profile
✓ Full access to truck bed
✓ Easy no drill install
✓ Full cab protection
✓ Scuff and Ding Resistant
✓ Seamless No-Hinge Design


Panel Exterior
Panel Core
EPS - 2 lb.
Panel Frames
Textured black
1/2 inch
Exterior skin thickness
100 mil
Side seals
EPDM rubber