The TonnoSport® Cover gives you a sleek, low profile look at a great low price. Sleek, affordable and durable, the Tonnosport® Cover sits only 1/2" above the truck bed and comes with high quality, economical components. It will give your truck a smooth, streamlined look and great cargo protection. The TonnoSport® Roll-Up Cover fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget.


✔ Trigger Latch: Locks automatically when closed and releases easily with one hand.
✔ Slide Locks: A simple sliding action that is pushed to lock and pulled to unlock creating additional locking protection.
✔ Tight Bite™ Clamps secure rails to the side of your truck. Specially cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip, giving these clamps exceptional strength.
✔ Quick Clip™ Storage strap secures your roll-up cover compactly behind the cab.
✔ Three Year Limited Warranty: Warrants all covers to be free from defects in material and workmanship.